Colorado Resource (CORE)
Partners collaborate in new ways to connect you to jobs now hiring. Colorado Resource Partners, also known as CORE, is an alliance of organizations that integrates training and community resource partners for comprehensive construction workforce readiness and career success.

CORE created WORKNOW, a one-stop-shop for job seekers, current construction workers, and contractors that features resources, tools, and trained platform navigators to help families gain access and insight to support services. CORE collaborates with families in the community to develop a pathway to career success by identifying and overcoming the challenges associated with employment.

Our Priorities – To meet its objectives, WORKNOW utilizes the following strategies:

  1. Find and prepare a workforce for construction industry opportunities—including craft, office, professional service, and small business development
  2. Integrate and scale supportive services, particularly access to childcare or work needs like tools and boots to support working families
  3. Resolve barriers that prevent people of color and women from finding and keeping good construction jobs
  4. Drive policy and practice that supports high-wage, high-growth industry career paths, and inclusive economies

Our Values

  1. Be accountable and transparent
  2. Make a measurable difference
  3. Stay human-centered and customer-focused
  4. Solve issues and implement solutions in collaboration
  5. Invest in neighborhoods by prioritizing contracting with community access points and local businesses