In order to create high-wage growth opportunities for
families, our operational strategies include:

  1. Find and prepare a workforce for construction industry opportunities—including craft, office, professional service, and small business development
  2. Integrate and scale supportive services, particularly access to child care to support working families with effective and seamless navigation assistance
  3. Resolve barriers that prevent people of color and women from finding and keeping good construction jobs
  4. Provide technical assistance and best practice dissemination to drive policy and practice that supports a community development lens that fosters inclusive economies

Issues we address:

  • High duplication of efforts
  • Limited shared measures of success
  • Siloed funding environments and limited alignment across work support and training organizations
  • Low-income working parents being stalled by service barriers
  • Local employers unsure how to find and build skilled workers

Our programs and solutions:

  • Increase collaboration across partners to enhance access
  • Get local residents into high-wage high-growth career opportunities in construction

This collaborative provides programming in four key areas:

  1. Resource Navigation
  2. Training
  3. Talent Development/Advancement
  4. Community Building