The (CORE)alliance presents the employment platform, WORKNOW to place, retain and advance workers in the construction industry. Simply put, we help people find and keep good jobs. Our collaborative came together because of a shared commitment to ensuring that families living in communities directly affected by construction industry projects benefit from them.

Our partnership platform (WORKNOW) builds individual and organizational effectiveness, as well as a collective capacity to serve you and metro Denver families. We base our work on three assumptions–good jobs drive positive impacts for workers and communities, the construction industry provides access to high- paying jobs with robust career growth paths, and a collaborative approach to serving shared customers is central to facilitate upward mobility and wealth building for all.

CORE Partners

Affiliate partners provide targeted training and skills development support services to WORKNOW members. These partners engage in planning and networking activities with the full CORE partnership to ensure transformational relationships that solve shared challenges in preparing the construction workforce.

Affiliate partners