Colorado Resource Partners (CORE) is an alliance of organizations that integrates training and community resource partners for overall construction workforce readiness and career success. What’s different about this approach is that we’re working together in a new way.

CORE presents the employment platform, WORKNOW to place, retain and advance workers in this industry. Simply put, we help people find and keep good construction jobs. Our collaborative came together because of a shared commitment to ensuring that families living in communities directly affected by construction projects benefit from them.

CORE partners include:

Center for Workforce Initiatives (CWI) at Community College of Denver

Contact: Katrina Wert
Work Auraria Campus Bear Creek Building 855 Champa Street Denver CO 80204 Work Phone: 303-352-6028 Work Phone: 303-352-6911 Website: CCD/CWI Website
Photo of Center for Workforce Initiatives (CWI) at Community College of Denver

Biographical Info

The Center for Workforce Initiatives (CWI) at Community College of Denver helps to connect employers, workers, students and other community partners to develop paths toward career advancement and sustainable employment within targeted industries. Through innovative programming, CWI helps CCD to meet the educational needs of working adults, including lower-income and also assists our employer partners in developing a high-quality workforce.

Niche Service:

Industry-specific coaching & wrap-around supports

Organizational Assets:

  1. Construction workforce experience & knowledge;
  2. Industry contacts;
  3. Database of over 1,000 construction trainees and workers;
  4. Training contracts with partner orgs;
  5. Established peer leadership council

Primary Focus:

Backbone support

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