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What does your organization do?
Club Z! Tutoring is a WORKNOW core partner that can assist you as a member in the following ways:
Resource Connection – Services provided through our partners in the WORKNOW initiative include one-on-one and group math and test taking strategy tutoring services in to help reduce barriers community members were experiencing as they worked to build careers in construction, and apply to registered apprenticeship programs.
Direct financial assistance (as available)  – direct assistance for tutoring is supplied through WORKNOW.
Tutoring – Club Z! Tutors are certified instructors and professionals here to meet member test taking needs.
 Outcomes – Within three months of the initial months Club Z! Tutoring doubled services based on demand from members and training partners, as well as assessment results which indicated that members receiving tutoring services were more likely to successfully pass entrance exams, more likely to graduate from pre-apprenticeship training programs, and more likely to be retained in either apprenticeship training or employment six months after receiving tutoring.
Club Z! Tutoring works closely with your WORKNOW Navigator, so let them know if you are interested in any of these services and they can connect you right away or send you our contact information. We can meet with you by phone at a time that’s convenient for you.
Bulleted list of resources/services that you provide (to the CORE WORKNOW partnership)
    • Math & reading tutoring and career exploration workshops for the construction industry.
 What’s Required of You (How’s baked in):
  • Time Commitments to CORE WORKNOW partnership
  • CORE Partner Mtgs.  8 per year
  • Milestone/Task groups- outreach and marketing (Ambassadors)
Office Hour:
Remote office hours are Mondays through Saturdays 8am – 7pm
Alternative Contact Number during COVID duration:
Narcy Jackson 303-725-0811 or Office Manager Bonnie Smith 970-581-0969
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