Focus Points Family Resource Center

Contact: Benjamin Roldan
2501 East 48th Ave. Denver CO 80216 Work Phone: 303-292-0770 Website: Website
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What does your organization do? 
Focus Points is a family resource center that “builds better communities by strengthening families”. We provide programming for the whole family unit, including education for parents of kids 0-5yo, early childhood education, adult GED and English Language Acquisition classes, job placement, food business entrepreneurship training, stability services navigation, community gardening, nutrition classes, yoga, and Zumba. For WORKNOW, we offer:
Bulleted list of resources/services that you provide (to the CORE WORKNOW partnership)?
Focus Points Family Resource Center is a WORKNOW CORE Partner and committed to serving the whole family. We offer the following services:
  • Early Childhood Education: We offer home visiting programs that serve children aged prenatal to 5 years across the Denver area. This year, we are offering virtual preschool programming to support families learning and growing at home.
  • Economic Opportunity:
    • Job Search: We prepare and connect job seekers to employers through career exploration, resume and application assistance, and meaningful connections to local employers.
    • Comal Heritage Food Incubator: Comal provides skills in culinary arts and business as a platform for economic development to immigrants and refugees who aspire to become food entrepreneurs.
  • Adult Education:
    • English Classes: We offer six levels of affordable, high quality English classes at 4 locations across Denver. Classes this semester are provided online.
    • GED Preparation: Classes are offered for all levels of literacy and math skills. Whether you are just learning to read or almost ready to get you’re GED, our classes can help you reach the next level.
  • Family Support Services: we offer resource support and long term goal setting to families in need of healthcare access, food resources, housing assistance, notary public, and energy bill assistance.
  • Health & Wellness: Live a healthy, active life together with our Bike Library, exercise classes, Familias Extraordinarias, the community garden, Mental Health services, and nutrition classes.
What’s Required of You (How’s baked in): 
  • Time Commitments to CORE WORKNOW partnership:
  • CORE Partner Mtgs. (3 people)
  • ED Executive Director Mtgs. (2 people)
  • Milestone/Task groups (Milestone 4 Facilitator, and participating in 3 task groups)
  • 2 part time navigators for incumbent and nonincumbent workers
  • BIW conference planning group
  • Volunteer for site walk throughs, promotional materials, and other on-site trainings
All people interested in these services can contact us at (303) 292-0770 or go to the website and request an appointment.
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