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The Mayor and City Council are committed to ensuring that Denver residents – particularly those in economically disadvantaged areas and backgrounds – benefit from unprecedented investments being made in Denver’s infrastructure. This pilot program is the next step in our efforts to strengthen training and job placement supports for large public projects, building Denver’s workforce of the future.
The Denver Construction Careers Pilot focuses on approximately 15 major projects including the Colorado Convention Center expansion, key National Western Center facilities, significant construction at Denver International Airport, and select Elevate Denver Bond Program projects that are entering construction procurement in the next three years. These large-scale public projects represent the best opportunities to utilize and grow apprenticeship and job training in Denver.
The identified major infrastructure projects total more than $900 million in value and will create job opportunities for Denver residents and other key populations as another important step in increasing access to opportunity for those that need it most.
Management of the Pilot is housed at Denver Economic Development and Opportunity (DEDO). In order to test ways to effectively bring new talent to the industry and connect residents with economic opportunity, the Pilot requires contractors on select projects to:
  • Develop targeted outreach, marketing, and training plans
  • Ensure 15% of all project construction hours are performed by apprentices in registered apprenticeship programs
    25% of the 15% must be performed by registered apprentices from targeted areas or targeted populations
  • 25% of the 15% must be performed by first year registered apprentices
  • Utilize the WORKNOW platform, which is facilitated by the Colorado Resource (CORE) Partners Alliance.
Bulleted list of resources/services that you provide (to the CORE WORKNOW partnership)?
  • The Denver Construction Careers Pilot provides two main resources:
  • Liaisons help support execution of project goals including building connections between WORKNOW and the project leads, as well as ensuring compliance. They also support outreach to smaller firms looking to work on City projects to build awareness of WORKNOW.
  • Data Analysts provide project-specific data as well as general industry data to support execution of project goals.
   What’s Required of You (How’s baked in):
  • Time Commitments to CORE WORKNOW partnership
  • CORE Partner Mtgs. DCCP participates
  • ED Executive Director Mtgs. DCCP leadership participates
  • Milestone/Task groups DCCP participates
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