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Contact: Kate Ridings
99 Inca Street Denver CO 80223 Work Phone: (303) 298-1625 Website: Website
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What does your organization do?
WorkLife provides personalized, one-on-one resource navigation to employed WORKNOW participants and childcare support to any WORKNOW participant. We work with participants to connect them to resources and solutions to life and work challenges and often engage with them during very difficult circumstances such as:  impending evictions, utility shut-offs, and inability to afford food for themselves and their families. We meet employees where they’re at to help find solutions to housing, transportation, healthcare, budgeting, childcare, and other day-to-day challenges that could put their employment at risk. Our Navigators have specialized training in community resources, financial health, trauma and mental health, and motivational interviewing.
Bulleted list of resources/services that you provide (to the CORE WORKNOW partnership)?
  • Resource Navigation – we connect employed participants to community resources around food, transportation, rent, re-entry resources, mental health, etc.
  • Direct supportive services – limited direct assistance for things like rental assistance, car repair, energy bills (Xcel or other), and other basic or employment related needs.
  • Childcare – we have specific funding for childcare needs so please refer if a WORKNOW participant is needing help paying for childcare or connecting to needed childcare resources, whether employed or not.
  • Goal planning – working on next steps in their personal and professional life.
Time Commitments to CORE WORKNOW partnership.
WorkLife participates in:
  • CORE Partner Mtgs.
  • ED Executive Director Mtgs.
  • Milestone 1.4 workgroup
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