Digital Asset Inventory Form

To support marketing and communication of CORE/WORKNOW, please take a moment to complete this inventory checklist to help us co-brand the collaborative.

Please complete the form below with your organization’s information and Leslie Horna or Richard Rhodes will follow up with additional questions if necessary.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

CORE partner digital asset checklist
Where on your website would you like to add the WORKNOW Participant Interest Form? Inquiries will continue to go to WORKNOW.
Do you have a calendar of events including hiring or resource fairs that WORKNOW participants would be interested in? Please provide the url.
Check off all that apply. Please write in the full web address or handle for each site that your organization has.
WORKNOW is growing its photo library. If your organization has imagery that tells a visual story about its work with WORKNOW, we’d love to see it! Images can be shared via an electronic folder (such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.). Images may be used on the WORKNOW website, social media, collateral and other marketing purposes.
WORKNOW is soon launching it’s CORE Partner newsletter. Please add the names of everyone at your organization that you’d like to receive the regular updates about CORE/WORKNOW.