How do I refer a potential candidate to WORKNOW?

Encourage candidates to RSVP for an Information Session or submit an Interest Form online at Form.

Where are the WORKNOW Information Sessions located?

There are convenient locations throughout the Denver metro area with a variety of dates and times each month. Session information is posted monthly in the CORE Project Management System Portal on the “Events” tab. This information is also shared publicly on the website under Events.

What happens prior to a candidate’s enrollment?

Once the WORKNOW Interest Form is completed and received, the candidate will be assigned a WORKNOW Career Navigator. The Plan of Advancement is when the Career Navigator meets with the candidate about their current experience/job interests, short and long-term goals, barriers to obtain and retain employment, and how to advance.

After a candidate enrolls in WORKNOW, what’s next?

The assigned WORKNOW Career Navigator will help candidates with job placement, referrals to training (if needed) and connect the candidate to support services. The candidate is ready to apply!

Once a WORKNOW participant secures job placement, what’s next?

The assigned WORKNOW Career Navigator will provide the following as needed:  work boots, PPE, gift cards for gas and tools, or bus tickets for the first week of employment.

How will the WORKNOW office notify when a candidate secures employment?

Participants are encouraged to confirm employment immediately. Career Navigators will follow up with candidates at the program 30 day, 60 day and 90 day milestones.

How will the WORKNOW Career Navigator know when a candidate completes training?

The training partner notifies CWI regularly once a candidate completes training. CWI staff will then notify the assigned Career Navigator.

How does a WORKNOW participant access support services through WorkLife?

A participant that is working in the construction industry will have the option to receive additional post placement supportive services through WorkLife Partnership.  CWI or a WORKNOW Career Navigator will initiate the process to help participants with support service retention for at least 3 months. The process begins with visiting the Retention Navigator Form on the project management system (PMS) portal.

How will participants receive information on job training opportunities?

Once enrolled, WORKNOW participants will receive weekly information on training, open jobs and upcoming events.

How do I refer WORKNOW participants to technical training?

WORKNOW Career Navigators or CWI can initiate referrals to a training partner via the Training Referral Form or PMS. Career Navigators are responsible for ensuring the participant is enrolled in WORKNOW prior to signing them up for that training.

Does everyone have to be enrolled to access WORKNOW workshops?

No, workshops are open to the public and then they can opt in to be contacted for future WORKNOW training events and information.

How do WORKNOW participants get connected to employment opportunities?

The Career Navigator will share available job information via email or call WORKNOW candidates directly to review the candidate’s qualifications and interest.  If interested, the candidate’s resume will be sent to the employer and then the employer may select to interview.