Web Portal Protocol (recommended) For optimal use please use Google Chrome browser.

For a full overview click here.

You must be logged in the portal from the CORE partnership website in order to view anything in the project area (that includes emails that you receive from the portal). Please login first or you will receive an ERROR message because this area is private for our membership only, and for affiliated projects and partners.  (screen shot with arrow pointing to log in bar on public facing side of website)

Milestone Facilitators are responsible for updating and managing milestone PODs.

It is strongly recommended that CORE partners use the portal as follows in order to have a unified and shared experience, and to manage expectations:

  1. As a group or individual, if you want to discuss any topic (that also includes supporting documentation–files), we’d recommend using the “Message” option. Users will have the option of selecting which person(s) they wish to notify on any communication in an effort to keep the larger groups inbox from becoming inundated with nonessential information. We encourage project-related communication only. Please message responsibly.
  2. As a group or individual, if a task needs to be accomplished, we’d recommend using the “to-do” and assign a specific date and person to that task in order to manage expectations.
  3.  As a Facilitator, or task force lead, if there will be a number of tasks associated to a certain topic or milestone (goal(s) of your committee or project, we’d strongly recommend using the “Milestone (Goal(s)” and add subsequent “to-do’s” to that milestone (goal(s).  Once committee goals and tasks are endorsed by the CORE partnership, the steps to adding these goals to your committee folder include:
    a. Create your milestone/goal(s)
    b. Create a task list that will house all subsequent tasks and links that to the milestone/goal(s)
    c. Create all needed tasks to accomplish your milestone/goal(s)
  4. As a group or individual, please commit to checking the portal weekly and using it to support information-sharing and to document progress across the partnership.  The portal is a resource to improve our communication, transparency and shared data metrics success.
  5. As a group or individual, please use the event calendar to stay current on WORKNOW activities.  Items are color-coded for partnership meetings, information and outreach, technical training (paid for through WORKNOW and accepting referrals) and employment activities.   If there is a general industry event, we encourage you to add the information to the “general activities” .  If it is a construction-related activity that your organization is interested in, or involved with, other partners may wish to support or learn more.