Monthly CORE/ WORKNOW update


WORKNOW launched in October 2017. Here you’ll find highlights of partnership progress towards our four-year targets. CORE/WORKNOW partners will update this page monthly and record quarterly and annual reports in project folders to ensure continued vision alignment and shared data metrics.   Last updated 1.2.2019  

WORKNOW assisted job placements to date:


705 metro Denver residents have enrolled in WORKNOW since the partnership launched. Members enroll to get connected to jobs on local projects, access career or family support resources and information, and/or find training to build their skills.

CORE partners enroll both new job seekers and incumbent workers.  33% (233 individuals) of WORKNOW members enrolled as current industry workers seeking upgrade training and certification or family support resources.

As of December 31, 2018, 59% of WORKNOW members utilized family support resources.  Support services included, but are not limited, to gas stipends, emergency food assistance, tool assistance, child care navigation, etc.

CORE partners and stakeholders provide basic skills training, middle-skill upgrades and coaching to build career advancement.  Based on member feedback, training courses are offered days, nights and Saturdays.