Project Management System Web Portal End User (CORE/WORKNOW PMS Users)
I, the undersigned, as a CORE partner or WORKNOW committee member or participant, am requesting access to the CORE/WORKNOW portal, a web project management system (PMS). By accessing the (PMS) I hereby agree to the following:

1. I recognize that WORKNOW is a collective impact partnership and the information and resources I will access represent the work of multiple individuals and organizations, and as such are to be considered Proprietary Information. I agree to hold this information in strict confidence, and not to copy, reverse engineer, reconfigure, repurpose or share without express written consent any such Information.

2. I will use the information and resources I access through the Portal PMS to inform myself and members of my organization on construction workforce resources, and to communicate events, and employment or training opportunities with the customers my organization serves.

3. I agree to maintain the confidentiality of any information I access on the portal, including any information that can be used in related to requests for qualifications or proposals on WORKNOW-affiliated infrastructure projects; I will not directly participate in the development of proposals related to WORKNOW affiliated projects, without informing WORKNOW leadership to ensure compliance with non-conflict of interest policies.

4. I agree to adhere to established protocols regarding contact or sharing of WORKNOW operations information with representatives from proposing contractors, teams, and media, or any third party at all times including during periods of procurement.

5. I understand that by using my login credentials to the CORE/WORKNOW portal I am further confirming and accepting this nondisclosure user agreement.