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2. Next Steps

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Next Steps

  1. Finalize Recruitment Plan
    1. Finalize Navigator Assignments and Roles
    2. Finalize All Events (August -November)
    3. Update Google Calendar (assign point person)
    4. Finalize social media calendar
    5. Finalize all outreach participants/stakeholders
    6. Finalize incentive structure, instructions, and rules for targeted stakeholder group(s)
    7. Finalize list of community vendors, businesses, or organizations participating in the gift card process
    8. Finalize recruitment process for Block Captains
  2. Finalize Campaign Budget
  3. Finalize additional campaign digital assets
    1. Finalize website campaign landing page (mini-site)
    2. Content and Imagery
    3. Ensure we’ve captured all Navigator’s pictures (& brief bio)
    4. Video
    5. Social media
    6. Traditional media
    7. Printing Needs
  4. Finalize Intake Process
    1. Ensure every stakeholder group’s call to action will be to direct all recruitment efforts to get people to:
    2. STEP 1) Complete an interest form,
    3. STEP 2) Create a Trade-Skills Match profile,
    4. STEP 3) Ensure they connect with a Navigator
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