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From the very beginning of WORKNOW, it’s been our CORE belief that YOU matter, and can help change the industry and make our community better. More than ever, we’re leaning into our original commitment during these challenging times, understanding that we’re building more together.

As you know, WORKNOW helped me get into the construction industry by connecting me to jobs, resources, and pieces of training. Now, we are inviting more people to come to check it out! Over the next three months, there will be events to meet people in the industry, learn about upcoming jobs, and get trained to find a job. Help me to invite your friends and family who are interested in construction. We want people to enroll in the program so they can get access to services they need to find jobs. The top three people who refer the most people and have them successfully enroll will get a gift card to their store choice.

How do you participate? We will be sending social media posts that advertise these new events from now until November 15th. Repost these and tag the people you think will be interested. Then come to the events and bring your friends and family members. The more people, the better chances you have to win!

Our first event is Saturday, August 15th at 9 am. Check out the post, share it with your friends, and we will hope to see you all there!

Thank you so much.

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