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From the very beginning of WORKNOW, it’s been our CORE belief that YOU matter, and can help change the industry and make our community better. More than ever, we’re leaning into our original commitment during these challenging times, understanding that we’re building more together.

WORKNOW is launching its 2020 recruitment campaign on Saturday, August 15th! Over the course of three months, ending on November 15th, we will use digital marketing campaigns to highlight key community organizations that support the mission of WORKNOW in order to increase our enrollment into the WORKNOW program. We would like to bring your organization into the recruitment effort as a way to leverage your reach into the community, while also advertising the vast and holistic services that WORKNOW and your organization provide to people who want to explore or develop their careers in construction. Your organization is a critical part of the recruitment efforts because you (1) educate the community about ongoing construction projects, (2) provide services for training, support, and purpose for community members, (3) are the direct connection to the communities these projects have most impacted, and (4) are the means for WORKNOW to funnel its support back into the community.

In the partnership with recruitment efforts, we will reward the top three organizations who can enroll the newest members, a giveaway to your participants that will support child care expenses, food gift cards to local vendors, or other support incentives that reflect barriers to stable employment and living.

For this recruitment campaign, we ask that you use the link to our digital toolbox. This toolbox holds the expectations we have for recruitment efforts from community organizations, the digital assets you can use, and information about the navigator your referred participants will be assigned to so they can successfully enroll in WORKNOW.

The benefit of participating in this campaign is the added visibility to your organization. It will provide more insight for the navigator’s network to refer people into your programs, and it will expand the reach your outreach efforts will have.
We look forward to your continued collaboration. The first social media post can go out no later than August 13th to promote our first Peer-to-Peer networking night (post attached)! I will be in touch with future dates to post and share. If you have any questions or would like me to speak more directly to your team, please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you so much!

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